EA drops the ball on SimCity release, creates PR nightmare

When Electronics Arts released it’s new SimCity game on March 5th, I don’t think they realized the popularity of this long-standing title, hundreds of thousands of avid gamers purchased the game, many of whom have been with franchise over it’s twenty-five year history. EA opted for an “always-on” DRM system that required users to login into a server and stayed connected as long they were playing the game. Unlike MMO this system was for a single player game and really had more to do with keeping the intellectual property out of the hands of privates that enhancing the experience for gamers.

EA Simcity servers couldn’t handle the number users running the game, thousands of people weren’t be able to play a game they just bought, this led to a lot of angry customers, EA has always been a bit slow to react to these situations, promised to add more servers and look into an option of an offline mode. EA has had a history of poor customer service and received the Economist’s award for worst run company in America of 2012, currently the company is trying to rebuild it’s image but this incident has already put it in the running for the award for 2013.

What would you do the help restore gamer’s confidence in EA?

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